Dubai and its nightlife: Something You Can’t Afford to Miss

Dubai is a heaven on earth for the party goers and has some of the most remarkable bars and lounges that cater to the ever-increasing number of merrymakers in the city. As we all know, the United Arab Emirates is an Islamic country and most of its laws and legislations are in line with the religion of Islam. However, they have softened laws when it comes to boozing and partying, especially for the people from the western world as the local rulers are more keen to have people from the other part of the hemisphere to bring quality to the human resources in the country. Some of the most famous clubs in Dubai offer their visitors an amazing time out with their friends, colleagues, and even with their family members.


Before you even think about visiting a nightclub in Dubai, you should know a few things that would keep you safe from breaking any local law. The most important of all is that you can’t drink alcohol if you’re under the age of 21 years. Secondly, you can’t booze around in public. Thirdly, you can’t afford to wear short or revealing clothes in public, Fourthly, drunk-driving is a crime and can leave you in a position where you might be asked to leave the country. Fifthly, you have to be well-dressed if you want to ensure entry in the top nightclubs. Last but not the least, always carry a document or a card with you that can confirm your age to the bouncers placed at the entry points of these clubs and bars with strict instructions to keep the below-21-year-olds out of the premises. Following the above-mentioned rules will not only allow you to have a rollicking time in these amazing clubs and bars but also let you stay away from legal trouble in the country where local authorities take pride in the proper implementation of the laws.


If you’re planning to visit the city of Dubai, please be sure that you’re going to have the best of your lifetime. However, staying updated to your whereabouts always helps no matter which country you visit or tour. The crime rate is on the lower side in this part of the world due to strict implementation of the laws and penalizations. Therefore, you just can’t get away after breaking a local law, so always beware. Enjoy the Dubai Friday night at any of the top-class bars and lounges or nightclubs or even dance clubs which are located in various parts of the city.