Circle of learning is more than a figure of speech

Teachers are using a traditional technique to help students communicate with one another as a way to build bonds that will foster learning and help them stay in school.


The Power of Being Heard

New teachers find a safe place to practice authentic sharing through Way of Council sessions.


Findings from WestEd Studies of CIS

The impact of council in schools has been evaluated by WestEd in two separate studies, one a one-year study at Palms Middle School in 2000-01, the other a three-year study at 15 Los Angeles elementary, middle, and high schools in 2006-2009. These studies found that regular council practice is correlated with: 

  • increases in student GPA and communication skills
  • increased student engagement and social-emotional skills
  • decreased disciplinary referrals and fighting
  • students feeling more connected to their peers and adults on campus